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Our newest publication is Brave Bunnies, a tabletop role playing game that lets you play as a cute bunny.  The focus is role playing and skill check focused, with no mechanic for combat.  

The system is extremely easy to learn, and the rules are only 3 pages long (barely).  You get to colour in your bunny, give it a name, and even choose it's favourite treat.


Great for newbies and seasoned veterans alike. 

BB Cover.jpg
A ttrpg for everyone!

The newest race for D&D 5e by Highdenn Creations, the Selkie is a mythical creature of Celtic lore that has the ability to shape change between seal and humanoid form.

Our version of the selkie gives you flexibility to play in humanoid or seal form, with a wide variety of abilities.

You can find our Selkie race listed at the DMs Guild as a Pay What You Want Download.

A race for D&D 5e

We've opened a Redbubble shop now, which includes some of the artwork from supplements and other work.  Everything is hand drawn and coloured by us.


We're working hard to ensure the product page has a good variety of art, and will update as more is created. 

Open for business